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Introducing the new KAMUT® biscuit with chocolate drops.

During the year 2012 we introduced in our product range the KAMUT® and Toasted Barley Biscuit. The great success coming form this reference, led us to work on a new product.
Here we are introducing our proposal: KAMUT® Biscuit with Chocolate Drops.
This biscuit is also made with KAMUT® khorasan flour, wholewheat barley flour, extra virgin olive oil and sunflower oil. This new product is enriched in the taste by using unsweetened cocoa powder and chocolate drops.
The formulation, with the addition of cocoa and chocolate, does not modify the nutritional values of the product. Fibre count, proteins, mineral salts and vitamins are provided from the flours. Dairy and egg free are also claims of the biscuits.