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New: Germinal Bio Gluten Free range

The new range of Germinal Bio Gluten Free products is first of all the result of a thorough research on raw materials. The selected flours  are significantly different in the nutrient composition than the most commonly used flour. We manage to achieve balanced and diet products from the  nutritional point of view; this aspect often lacking in the segment of gluten-free products . The gluten-free flours , stars of the new range of Germinal Bio Gluten Free are: quinoa , buckwheat and amaranth .

The flours produced from the seeds of quinoa , buckwheat and amaranth make an high fiber content, essential amino acids, vitamins (especially B and E group ) and especially protein. The protein content is in fact higher than that of soy, rice, millet , wheat, and also of meat .

In each Germinal Bio Gluten Free product, made with quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth  flours, we wanted to point out the natural taste of the ingredients by telling their story on the packaging. The organic origin of the Germinal Bio Gluten Free products is a further element of warranty , as well as the genuineness of the products and the sustainability of the supply chain.

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