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Germinal Bio at Green Retail Forum & Expo!

18th and 19th June, a 2 days forum to spread culture and meet large retailers.

The previous edition of the event which took place last year at the location Fabbrica del Vapore, in Milan registered more than 300 participations, including a wide number of testimonies and workshops.

The meeting is characterised by an alternation of exhibitors and lecturers that present topics involving sustainable innovation in organised distribution and consumer goods accessibility.
In conjunction with EXPO2015, which takes the epochal challenge of sustainability with its mission “Feeding the planet. Energy for life”, the 5th edition of GreenRetailForum&Expo will provide a focus on Global Shift and its application in the retail world through the three main themes:

>climate change and retail's ecological print;
>social change, equality topic and social responsibility;
>values change, index beyond GNP and all new choices that include individual and communities.

Gruppo MangiarsanoGerminal, sensitive and careful to these discussed topics will participate to the event and will be happy to meet you!