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Germinal Bio – Yeast-Free Range

Germinal Bio's product offering has been upgraded with the new Yeast-Free range, which was created for a bland diet, dedicated to general well-being and respectful of food intolerances.

The chemical process of leavening modifies the strucure of bakery products while they are being cooked. Active yeasts are either funguses or natural-origin chemicals that can prove very tough to digest and whose consumption can, for certain people, lead to an alteration of the natural balance of intestinal flora.

Germinal Bio have introduced an all-new range of Yeast-Free Cookies and French sticks in order to meet the needs of those who have chosen a balanced and low-yeast diet.

  • Germinal Bio Yeast-Free Chocolate Cookies
  • Germinal Bio Yeast-Free Sprouted Rice Cookies
  • Germinal Bio Yeast-Free Cappelli Durum Wheat French Sticks
  • Germinal Bio Yeast-Free Whole Wheat French Sticks

Each and every product by Germinal Bio is the result of research both in raw materials and natural ingredients in order to offer consumers a quality selection, paying attention to different dietary needs.